Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The February 13 Report

Advanced Happy Valentine's Day folks!

The stock market is about the future, and they've been telling us to have a grand and very red celebration for the Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day as early as January.

The volume for PSEi continues to be lackluster, and the ticker pace will bore you to sleep.

It's the attack of the basuras and they are making a comeback. Tread lightly!

I don't have much to report on because I've been juggling and multitasking so many things lately. All I can report on is that I was able to make a profitable day trade. OMG! Haha. I thought that would be an impossibility.

Good luck. Friday Madness (due to supposed rallies to take place) is going to leave an overhang. The Philippines should be run by children in the future. If these stupid people in politics are called adults, I think I'd rather be a child.